Privacy Policy
The privacy and security of personal information of our visitors are valuable for us. The security of your personal information is our prime concern. We collect, process and in some context disclose ‘non-public personal information’ about you. Non public personal information may include:

Security of your personal information
Different security methodology is followed to safeguard your personal information using updated technological majors. SSL certificate is implemented on the website and API’s methods. We use encryption technique to protect your personal data while you submit any information in our website. We do not share the information to any third parties for a commercial purpose.

While your nonpublic personal information is under our control, access is limited to those employees who have a legitimate business need for such information with respect to your insurance coverage. In accordance with applicable state and federal regulations we maintain physical, procedural and electronic safeguards to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your nonpublic personal information.

This notice will inform you about our policies and procedures concerning the personal information about you that we collect maintain and disclose in connection with the insurance policies you obtain from us. In order to offer the highest quality insurance products at the lowest possible rates, we collect, maintain, and, in some instances, disclose “nonpublic personal information” about you. Nonpublic personal information may include your name, address, social security number, wage information, driving record, policy coverage, medical information or credit history. It may also include transaction information such as your premium payment or claims history with us. We appreciate the importance of your personal privacy and are committed to protecting it as we provide for your insurance needs.
We rely on the insurance companies we represent to send Privacy compliance notices as required by law.

We do not sell your information to others for marketing purposes
Because we respect your privacy, we do not sell, trade or otherwise disclose your identity or any other personal information about you to third parties for their marketing purposes. This includes information we obtain concerning all applicants, customers and former customers.
Information we may provide to others
We only disclose information about our applicants, customers and former customers as permitted or required by law in conjunction with our normal insurance operations.

We may disclose information to others such as our claims adjusters and our attorneys in the processing of an insurance claim;

We may be required by a court of law to provide information in connection with a legal proceeding;

We may share information necessary to effect, administer and enforce insurance transactions. Examples of that include, but are not limited to information required by:
Banks or lending institutions
Loss Payees
Additional Insured
Certificate Holders

It is your responsibility to notify us of changes or deletions of these entities. Because we do not share your non-public information with non-affiliated third parties, we do not offer an opt-¬out provision in our Privacy Policy.