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To undertake insurance of large sums, insure catastrophic risks and procure insurance business, Reinsurance Company is the subject of great importance for life insurance Company. Asian Life Insurance Company Ltd. has got reinsurance support from SCOR Global Life, France, Branch Office Singapore. SCOR Global Life is a leading global reinsurer, developing value-added services to meet the expectations of its clients. The reinsurer is financially sound reinsurer of international repute, it has maintained business relations with large corporate clients in the 'Globalize world' and it is in the standard and poor's 'A' rating category, (Ref. Reinsurer's Press Release dated 01 October, 2010). SCOR Global Life has a strong presence on the European markets and is well positioned in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.
SCOR'S Headquarter:
Immenble SCOR
1, Avenuedu General de Gaule
92074 Paris La Defense Cedex
Website: www.scor.com
Branch Office:
SCOR Global life SE Singapore Branch
143 Cecil Street
#22-01/04 GB Building
Singapore 069542